You invest because you are called to...

provide for your family

educate your children

give generously

prepare for the future

respond to the unexpected

prioritize what matters most

Your values inspire why you invest.

They can also inspire how you invest.

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Business impacts the world in powerful ways.

Investors should consider who a business impacts and how they are impacted.

We assess how a company interacts with every single person and every square inch.

We seek to elevate companies that demonstrably and consistently promote flourishing for these stakeholders.

We believe that when a business does this well, it can create value greater than the sum of its parts.


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Our Approach to Values-Based Investing

Eliminate companies whose products or practices cause harm

We seek to avoid profiting from companies whose principal business activities and practices include:

Eliminate Abortion
Eliminate Pornography
Eliminate Adult entertainment
Eliminate Tobacco
Eliminate Gambling
Eliminate Human rights violations
Eliminate Predatory lending
Eliminate Alcohol
Eliminate Cannabis
Eliminate Severe ethics controversies


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Evaluate companies to identify those that meet our investment objectives

We identify companies that have the potential to be both great businesses and great investments.

Eliminate Portfolio management team with decades of investment experience in global equity markets, private equity, and multi-asset portfolio strategy
Eliminate Partnerships with industry leading research, data, and investment firms
Eliminate Proprietary equity research that integrates corporate life cycle, valuation, and fundamental analyses
Eliminate Comprehensive macro-environment research and indicators for technical, economic, and sentiment factors
Eliminate Institutional private market capabilities including proprietary deal flow pipeline and impact scoring methodology
Eliminate Values-based investment solutions for every risk tolerance, account size, and investor type
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Elevate companies that make the world a better place

We believe that businesses do well by doing good. Therefore, we seek to identify companies that elevate:

Eliminate Flourishing families
Eliminate Sanctity of life
Eliminate Quality healthcare
Eliminate Education access
Eliminate Dignifying vocations
Eliminate Economic advancement
Eliminate Environmental stewardship
Eliminate Affordable housing
Eliminate Viewpoint diversity
Eliminate Equal opportunity
Eliminate Thriving communities
Eliminate Fair labor


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See our values-based investing approach in action:


Turnkey Models

Our turnkey models encompass a wide range of investment objectives designed to help investors reach their personal financial goals.

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Individual Strategies

Our suite of separately managed accounts provides low-cost, tax-efficient solutions across a broad range of asset classes.

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Target Date Funds

The OneAscent Collective Investment Trust series combines a disciplined investment process, a commitment to values-based investing, and the simplicity of a target date approach.

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Exchange Traded Funds

Our values-based ETFs follow a rigorous investment process to produce actively managed, high-conviction portfolios that we believe positively impact the world.

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Reference to OneAscent’s values-based investing approach is provided for illustrative purposes only and indicates a general framework of guiding principles that inform OneAscent’s overall research process.
OneAscent’s judgment about the quality, alignment, or impact of a particular company may prove to be incorrect. There is no guarantee that any investment will achieve its objectives, generate positive returns, or avoid losses.