OneAscent Core Plus Bond ETF

The OneAscent Core Plus Bond ETF (OACP) seeks total return, with an emphasis on income as the source of that total return, while giving special consideration to certain values-based and impact criteria.

Key Uniques:


Diversify Traditional Fixed Income Allocations
OACP is constructed to be a core fixed income portfolio holding by providing diversified US fixed income holdings, including non-benchmark exposure to bonds rated below investment grade, non-US dollar and emerging markets.


Add Alpha and Manage Risk Over Market Cycles
OACP is designed and actively managed to deliver attractive, risk-adjusted returns. The Fund leverages the scale, deep sector expertise, and embedded risk management process of its Sub-Adviser.


Align with Values, Elevate for Impact
OACP seeks to elevate issuers that demonstrably and consistently promote flourishing for their communities, environments, and stakeholders. We believe that Impact should be direct and measurable.

Fund Details As of 11/29/2023
Ticker OACP
Primary Exchange NYSE Arca
CUSIP 90470L519
Inception Date 3/30/22
Net Assets $110,089,213.85
Shares Outstanding 4,950,000.00
Gross Expense Ratio 0.76%
Distribution Frequency Monthly
Fund Price As of 11/29/2023
NAV $22.24
Market Price $22.28
30-day Median Bid/Ask Spread 0.14%
Premium Discount $0.04
  As of 10/31/2023
30-Day SEC Yield 5.27%

Investment Process


Elevate Stories

When a company elevates every single person and every square inch, they create stories worth sharing.
Below are examples from this fund.

BB Blue Financing

Less than 8% of ocean water is protected from overfishing, population, and habitat destruction.

Barbados’ ocean is 430 times the size of its land area, and 40% of its GDP and workforce is tied to tourism. These bonds refinance $150 million of Barbados sovereign debt, increasing their protected waters from 1% to over 30%.

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Starwood Property Trust

More than 550,000 families in Florida spend more than half their income on housing.

This bond uses proceeds to finance nearly 3,000 affordable housing units across 12 multi-family properties in Florida. 86 percent of units are leased to households earning 60% or less of the area median income, and every unit has a rent restriction of 30% of a family's monthly gross income.

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The Conservation Fund

Thirty-three of the world's largest 105 cities depend upon protected forests for quality and available drinking water.

This bond uses proceeds to finance the CF's Working Forest Fund, which has conserved 754k acres from deforestation. The fund has also secured over 5,300 jobs and $628 million in annual economic impact.

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Freddie Mac

Only 36 available and affordable rental units exist for every 100 extremely low-income renter households.

This bond creates housing opportunities for those with high affordability needs by financing/refinancing obligations related to a senior living multifamily facility in Tucson, Arizona. 79 percent of the renters are very or extremely low income, yet the facility provides meals, housekeeping, and transportation.

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Sixty percent of Vietnam does not have sufficient access to safe water and sanitation.

This bond elevates communities by providing access to clean water for Vietnam children. This International Bank for Reconstruction and Development project aims to manufacture 300,000 water purifiers, distribute them to
approximately 8,000 schools across Vietnam, and make clean water available to around 2,000,000 children. 

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Allocation as of 11/29/2023









Top 10 Holdings as of 11/29/2023 Weight
T 4 1/8 08/15/53 3.44%
T 4 3/4 11/15/43 2.74%
T 4 7/8 10/31/28 2.33%
FN MA4580 2.13%
FN FS1533 2.06%
T 4 1/2 11/15/33 1.77%
FN MA4701 1.70%
FN FS0522 1.63%
G2 MA7768 1.33%
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As a percent of net assets. Portfolio Holdings are subject to change and should not be considered investment advice. Current and future portfolio holdings are subject to risk.


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Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the fund before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the fund, and it should be read carefully before investing. Investors may obtain a copy of the prospectus by calling 1-800-222-8274 or clicking the link above. The fund is distributed by Northern Lights Distributors, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC, which is not affiliated with OneAscent Investment Solutions, LLC.

Important Risk Information:
Exchange-traded funds involve risk including the possible loss of principal. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

The Adviser invests in securities only if they meet both the Fund's investment and values-based screening requirements, and as such, the returns may be lower than if the Adviser made decisions based solely on investment considerations.

The Fund faces numerous market trading risks, including the potential lack of an active market for Fund sharers, losses from trading in secondary markets, and periods of high volatility and disruption in the creation/redemption process of the Fund. These factors may lead to the Fund's shares trading at a premium or discount to NAV.

Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against loss.

The 30-Day Yield represents net investment income earned by the Fund over the 30-day period ending 10/31/2023, expressed as an annual percentage rate based on the Fund's share price at the end of the 30-day period.